The Art of Astrology

Gaining Insight...

"A great revolution in just a single

individual will  help achieve a change in

the destiny of an entire society, and further will cause a change in the destiny of humankind"   Daisaku Ikeda

"One's actions in previous existences are all engraved in and contained in this lifetime. The causes of our present suffering or joy, happiness or misery all lie in our own past actions. But Nichiren Buddhism enables us to fundamentally reform our destiny. When we truly base ourselves on Buddhism's view of life's eternity we realise the first thing we need to change is how we live in the present. In Nichiren Buddhism change arises from the depths of our being. Strong pure vitality abundantly wells forth. The iron chains of destiny are cut, and our original identity, the fresh and robust world of Buddhahood appears"


Daisaku Ikeda. 'Buddhism Day by Day'

Middleway Press (2006)

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 Astrology and Daily Life

Birthchart desktop1.png

The birth chart - our karmic blueprint

These two inspiring extracts are by buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda, whose extensive writings have been a source of great encouragement to me.


In addition to my practice of Nichiren Buddhism within the SGI, I have also had a longstanding fascination with Astrology, Metaphysics, Eastern Philosophy and energy systems . This has included Makao Isui's  'Reiki' energy healing, for which I received attunements at level 1 & 2.

How Astrology can help...

Having researched and applied the insights I have  gained over the years, I have found Astrology to be a powerful tool in enabling people to identify their psychological patterns and recurrent themes in their life.


I see astrology as an invaluable lens enabling us to gain clarity into our natural attributes and psychological motivations. This leads to embracing  and accepting our unique purpose and potential. By revealing a blueprint of  karmic influences, it symbolically provides a framework for looking at patterns and potential challenges, keeping in mind our ability to tolerate and transform all aspects of our lives, and to fulfil our highest potential.  


By Identifying collective, or planetary influences we can see which area of our lives is pressing to be transformed - hence the importance of time. Always at our core lies the unlimited freedom of the 'Amala' state, or 9th consciousness, and it remains a choice for us to evoke our limitless potential for creative growth and fulfilment. A direct way to access the wisdom and hope fill life-state which allows us to continually grow, and to make gold from our challenges, is to chant 'Nam-myoho-renge-kyo'

I enjoy helping people to gain insight into their lives. This involves seeing their lives as part of a drama in which they are the protagonist with a unique story to enact, and the ability to steer a course in the best possible direction, gaining clarity within themselves and in outer life. The archetypal symbols of the planets unfold particular myths that can create meaning in an individual's quest to gain a deeper understanding of their unique purpose in life. There's also the potential to look at early emotional experiences, conditioning, and relationships.

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