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Thoughts on Jupiter and the Moon in the last degree of Scorpio...

Astrology and Free Will

The Planets reveal collective energies, as in the Tao, or the Eight Winds in Buddhist philosophy. Having an awareness of the energy or nature of the time allows us to see it for what it is and to NOT be swayed by it. Life is in a constant state of flux and being the captain of our ship requires that we, for example remain internally unaffected by a cycle of decline, even maintaining our position and having that additional wisdom, knowing that the cycle will change. The planets can be helpful in giving us an additional lens, much as a naval captain will navigate the ocean with an awareness of the stars we can use this insight to steer us through calm waters or stormy seas. A particular example that comes to mind is the recent transit of the moon and Jupiter through the Anaretic last degree of Scorpio. As Jupiter moved into Sagittarius I felt a surge of physical energy and optimism. However as the moon also transited this last degree of Scorpio, I found it hard to maintain this positive action oriented energy, and was revisited with a feeling of depression and frustration. My husband also felt an uncharacteristic reluctance when scheduling a new student (He had no awareness of the planetary movements). When reflecting on the significance of the the moon's position heralding the end of an intense cycle of Jupiter, it made sense from a personal and wider social perspective.

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